News & Events - CGRB Seminar Series

Time: 3:30 - 4:30 pm. Refreshments at 4:30 pm
Location: ALS 4001
2013-14 CGRB Seminar Series Schedule


Fall Term 2013
October 2, 2013 William Muller
Department of Biochemistry
McGill University, Quebec, Canada

Oncogene-mediated signal transduction in transgenic models of breast cancer

Host: Siva Kolluri

October 16, 2013 Steve DiFazio
Department of Biology
West Virginia University

Population Genomics of Populus trichocarpa

Host: Steve Strauss

October 30, 2013 Jamie Cate
Department of Molecular & Cell Biology
University of California, Berkeley
From Neurospora to yeast: Pathways to sustainable biofuels

Host: Jon Galazka

November 13, 2013 Vladimir Botchkarev
Boston University
Epigenetic regulation of Keratinocyte differentiation and reprogramming

Host: Arup Indra

Winter Term 2014
January 8, 2014 Vanessa Sperandio
Department of Microbiology
UT Southwestern Medical Center

EHEC sings: Pour some sugar on me

Host: Luiz Bermudez

January 22, 2014 Trent Northen
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Metabolic dark matter: mass spectrometry explorations of bacterial metabolism

Host: Steve Giovannoni

February 5, 2014 John Taylor
Department of Plant and Microbial Biology
University of California, Berkeley

Population genomics of fungi: divergence, adaptation and genome wide association

Host: Joey Spatafora

February 19, 2014 Nick Grishin
Department of Biochemistry
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Is bioinformatics beyond BLAST useful?

Host: Andy Karplus 

March 5, 2014 Weihong Qiu
Department of Physics
Oregon State University

Shining Light on the Mechanism of Molecular Motor Proteins

Spring Term 2014
April 2, 2014 Robin Buell
Department of Plant Biology
Michigan State University

Exploring the diversity of wild and cultivated potato through genomics

Host: Elizabeth Savory

April 16, 2014 Nancy Keller
Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Insights into the fungal secondary metabolome

Host: Joey Spatafora

April 30, 2014 No seminar
May 14, 2014 Eric Nielsen
Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology
University of Michigan

The roles of CSLD proteins in polarized cell wall deposition in Arabidopsis

Host: Valerian Dolja

May, 21, 2014

Special Seminar

3:30 - 4:30 pm
Crop Science Bldg
Room 122

Biswarup Mukhopadhyay
Department of Biochemistry
Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

Development of biological sulfate reduction and thioredoxin systems and methanogenic archaea

May 28, 2014 Colin Johnson
Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics
Oregon State University

The Emerging Roles of the Ferlin Family of Proteins in Membrane Trafficking and Human Disease