Pankaj Jaiswal

Associate Professor, Botany and Plant Pathology

Office: 3082 Cordley Hall
Phone: (541) 737-8471
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Ph.D. 1998, Lucknow University, India

KEYWORDS: Flowering Time, Seed Development, Comparative Plant Genomics; Functional genomics; Systems Biology; Bioinformatics; Genome Annotation; Biochemical and Regulatory Pathway Databases; Genome Databases; Ontology Development

My lab’s primary research focus is on studying the processes of flowering time and seed development in plants. These two developmental features of a plant determine how a plant reproduces on time and generate fruit/seeds to contribute to our nutritional needs by way of quality and yield. We are interested in studying these two developmental features and plant's response in association with the abiotic stresses like salt, drought and photo period. The project includes genome-wide mapping of genomic/genetic loci (genes) in rice, sorghum and maize that control gene expression and interactions between them to influence changes in the flowering time and seed development. We use molecular and genetic applications such as the genetic diversity, mutant phenotypes, genome sequences, gene expression and bioinformatics approaches, to provide mechanistic insights into the plant development and its adaptation to the global climate change. Lab encourages young scientists and students to use cutting edge technologies on genome sequencing, gene expression, plant development, and bioinformatics. The lab has a substantial program in interdisciplinary computational biology tool and infrastructure development. We collaborate extensively with computational biology scientists at CGRB, Plant and Gene Ontology projects, Gramene database and a national consortium called iPlantCollaborative (iPlant) lead by the University of Arizona and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.